Blog 2 - What to bring to your portrait session.

It is best to arrive in casual comfortable clothing. If you are having your hair and or makeup done, you will need to be relaxed and comfortable.

 All hair and makeup is skilfully mastered by  Ellegant You .

All hair and makeup is skilfully mastered by Ellegant You.

Bring outfit changes to suit the style of portrait you are looking for. My studio includes 2 change rooms and plenty of hanging space. So feel free to bring clothes on hangers.

Outfits that are in plan colours work best. Dark or light are fine, however stripes and spots are a definite no! If you are unsure bring the outfit and we can try it out.

If you have special jewellery please bring it along to the session. If you have any items that you would like included (eg: Hats, Jackets, Flowers) please also bring these.

If you would like flowers to be included in your shoot, but need my studio to organise these, let me know, we can arrange the most amazing flowers including rose crowns and bouquets.

Remember to relax and enjoy your session.