Blog 3 - Ellegant You

When I developed my portraiture style, and pulled together a product that resembled modern day fashion shoot for everyday people. Early on, I was lucky enough to meet Elle Torrens. Elle is the owner and operator of Ellegant You.

Elle from Ellegant You working on the beautiful Hanh

We met just before I opened my Mornington studio to discuss business opportunities. Ever since that first meeting, Elle and I have been working closely together to refine our product and give you to fun, exciting experience of capturing your beautiful portraits.

Put simply, Elle’s work is to die for. Experiencing her work as part of your photoshoot, is a bonus of epic proportions. Elle works heavily in the wedding industry and is renowned in both Australia and Germany.

Elle and I have developed a short consultation process that runs you through the process of picking your overall look and style. We will match your style to your usual look, but also incorporate your outfits and add a hint of glamour.

It is important to note that each session only allows for one hair and makeup session. If you require more than one makeup look please be aware that extra cost will be charged.